RTE Fair City’s Sharon uncovered Anto’s credit card maxed out on the bet as he continues to weave a web of lies


FAIR City’s Sharon discovers that Anto has run out of credit card on a risky bet as he continues to weave his web of lies.

The postman battled a gambling addiction after he started betting on horses with Pete for fun, but it took a bad turn.


Anto continues to weave his web of liesCredit: RTE
Sharon finds out that Anto has run out of credit card


Sharon finds out that Anto has run out of credit cardCredit: RTE

Anto spends more and more time at bookmakers and loses money he doesn’t have.

During last night’s episode, Anto confronted Carol about the gambling flyer. Sharon found out that Anto lied to her.

Anto managed to hide his lies from Sharon, with more lies. Anto derailed Carol’s attempt to tell Sharon about her gambling addiction.

Carol warned Anto that she would disclose her gambling to Sharon if he did not fix her problem.

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Tonight, Sharon discovers that Anto has changed her phone’s password.

Sharon reads a disturbing letter to Anto from the bank. Sharon reels as Anto admits he maxed out his credit card for a bet.

Anto tells Sharon it was a one off bet. Sharon checks her bank statements to verify the withdrawals.

Sharon assures Anto that they will pay the credit card bill together.

Under Sharon’s orders, Anto cuts up his credit card. Anto decides to apply for another credit card.

Meanwhile, things have been rocky between Dearbhla and Cian since returning from their romantic getaway.

Dearbhla found out that Zak had been arrested while they were away and she was furious that Cian hadn’t told her sooner.

Last night, Dearbhla was uneasy at how Cian and Tommy suddenly got along.

Cian offered to help Dearbhla with the job. Zak was encouraged by Joan’s confidence in his case.

Cian does not show up for Dearbhla. Tommy advises Dearbhla to take it easy with Cian to keep Joan on his side.


Cian was unrepentant for choosing his friends over Dearbhla. Dearbhla told Zak that she was only with Cian for him.

Dearbhla tried to reassure Zak that everything would be fine. Cian reminded Dearbhla that she was the one not looking for commitment in the relationship.

Cian’s nasty streak came out, but Dearbhla felt unable to end the relationship.

In tonight’s episode, Cian says bad things about Zak to Joan. Joan senses problems between Cian and Dearbhla.

Cian keeps bitching at Dearbhla. Dearbhla abandons Cian. Dearbhla tells Cian to find another place to live.

Elsewhere, tonight, Mondo encourages Jon to try again for McCoy’s job.

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Alex further encourages Jon to try again with Hayley for the job.

Jon’s help with some rowdy clients gives Hayley a change of heart. Jon gets a lawsuit from McCoy.

Dearbhla splits from Cian


Dearbhla splits from CianCredit: RTE

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