Residential building permits | In numbers


RES, single / duplex / garage addition, B&W Builders, addition to existing garage, addition of new skylight in front of existing garage, 2621 Downer Ln, Blankenship, Thomas J & Janet – $ 25,000

RES, new accessory structure, Ben Hill Designs, replaces the existing bridge. Size and shape remain the same, 626 S 38th ST W, Whisler, Kelsey R – $ 12,900

RES, new accessory structure, accessory building containing a garage and an art studio, 2939 Rockrim Ln, Mitchell, W Scott &, $ 100,000

RES, new accessory structure, demolition of the existing carport and construction of a new carport, 19 Birchwood Dr, Goettel, Donald Jr & Cathryn – $ 11,000

RES, new accessory structure, Build a 30’x30 ‘concrete slab at ground level with a 15’x30’ concrete slab in front of future garage doors. Permit is for concrete only, 1749 Mariposa Ln, Robert & Carol Jones Living Tr – $ 12,000

RES, new single family, Wagenhals Enterprises Inc., new SFR, 3120 E Copper Ridge Loop, Germany, Rob – $ 310,000

RES, new single-family, Infinity Home LLC, new sfr, 7008 Shiny Penny Way, Infinity Home LLC – $ 242,671

RES, new single-family home, Mccall Development, new sfr, 1814 St George Blvd, Mccall Homes – $ 292,980

RES, New Single Family Home, Design Builders Inc., Master Plan 5, 2509 Aspen Creek Trl, Boyer Land LLC – $ 302,269

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