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“Cheryl Pratt was to pay 10% below the fair market value of the house, less the above deductions,” the charges read.

Pratt began upgrading a 500 square foot section of the house and from July 2015 to October 2016, reportedly billed $ 61,837 for 2,445 hours of work.

“In other words, that’s enough billable hours for a person to work full-time for over a year on that 500-square-foot improvement,” police said.

Police believe Pratt fraudulently billed for work not done as it would reduce the purchase price.

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Another amendment made on April 12, 2017 – eight days before the owner died – removed the trustee and health care representative, police said. The two sentence amendment was peculiar in that it was handwritten on notebook paper, no witnesses were listed, and the owner’s signature was not as clear as his previous signatures.

A witness told police she watched the owner sign the document, but did not see him read it to her, although Pratt claimed the witness read the amendment to the dying woman.

A waiver was reportedly signed by the owner on April 14, 2017, transferring his interest in the home to Pratt for $ 10, police said. The witness had not yet seen the document read to the owner before she signed it, police said.

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