Maricopa County Increases Emergency HVAC Repair Fund by $3.65 Million


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Temperatures in the valley remain above 100 degrees and many families lack the funds to make necessary repairs or even replace broken HVAC systems. That’s why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has given a $3.65 million boost to the county’s emergency HVAC repair and replacement fund.

The increased funding comes from the county’s allocation of federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds that are used to address issues facing families and households as the community recovers from the effects of the the pandemic and faces inflation that breaks the budget.

Maricopa County Increases HVAC Emergency Repair Fund by $3.65 Million

“Working air conditioners are not just a nice accessory; they are indispensable for individuals and families during the warmer months of the year,” said District 3 President Bill Gates. “Unfortunately, HVAC systems don’t last forever and fixes don’t come cheap. This program helps families cover these unforeseen costs, which in some cases can save lives.

The $3.65 million increase in funding comes on top of the Council’s previous $5 million allocation, bringing total funding to help low-income families with their air conditioning systems to 8.65 millions of dollars. To date, 299 projects have been completed to help eligible families make home repairs that improve a home’s energy efficiency, safety and comfort level. With the additional funding, the county expects more than 500 homes to benefit from HVAC repairs and/or complete system replacements.

The turnaround time for project completion may vary depending on the nature of the project. Life-threatening emergencies, such as no cooling or running water, take priority. Portable air conditioning units are supplied as project work is completed, typically within two to four weeks. Larger, more complex projects that include additional weatherization components such as replacing windows or insulation may have a longer waiting period for completion, as cooling projects take priority during summer months. The Maricopa County Emergency Home Repair and Energy Efficiency Program provided:

  1. 146 households with HVAC replacement
  2. 15 households with ADA accommodation
  3. 15 homes infested, cleanup at biohazard/hazardous conditions
  4. 20 households with HVAC repair
  5. 22 households with window/door replacement
  6. 28 households with electrical emergencies
  7. 57 households with appliance replacement
  8. 58 households with various life/safety/health emergencies
  9. 78 households with roof replacement/repair
  10. 95 households with plumbing emergencies

To be eligible for the program, households must be located in Maricopa County (but outside the jurisdictional boundaries of the cities of Mesa and Phoenix who run programs for residents of their city) and meet income guidelines. For more information and to apply for the program, visit: the “Emergency Home Repair” tab at To learn more about additional help available to residents of Maricopa County, visit

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