Kitty’s Closet will use an RV to bring clothes to those in need in Danville


DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) – Danville local Jennifer Miller has started Kitty’s closet in August as a free wardrobe for people in need.

While working in the behavioral health field for 25 years, she noticed a large underserved population in the area.

“Although some places have free clothes to share with people, one of the things I’ve noticed in our area is that we lack transportation,” said Jennifer Miller, founder of Kitty’s Closet. “There are many people who need help but cannot access it. So, I came up with the idea of ​​having a rolling closet so we can take people who can’t come to our house.

Her goal was to make the charity mobile instead of out of her home. After a single post on Facebook, Danville cares donates a motorhome to Kitty’s closet.

“I was very, very impressed with the generosity, not only with Leon and Linda and Danville Cares, but also with the members of the community. We have received so many truly wonderful gifts. People donate really nice clothes, and we have a glut of that right now,” Miller added.

Miller’s husband and Moss Home Improvement are in the process of completely gutting the RV and renovating it to create a closet on wheels.

“My objective at first will probably be to program certain neighborhoods. I’ll put a message on Facebook saying next Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. I’ll be on this street,” Miller said.

Miller hopes the RV will be up and running by the end of the year, just in time for the colder months.

“I think a lot about kids having to get out and stand at the bus stop and things like that. Also, adults who might have to stand at the bus stop. So that’s where we’re going to be focusing our attention during the winter months,” Miller said.

Clothing can currently be donated to Riverside Insurance in Danville.


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