Detroit launches second phase of home repair program


Detroit is using federal stimulus funds to tackle one of the city’s most pressing issues: renovating homes in disrepair.

On Friday, the city celebrated two milestones in its Renew Detroit home repair program.

The first is the start of repair work on the 1,000 houses selected for roof repairs in the first phase of the program.

One of the people selected in the first round is Detroit owner Samela Dean. She said she was “extremely pleased” with the work the contractors are currently carrying out at her home.

“I’m so excited to have a roof over my head. It’s so emotional because I never, ever dreamed this could happen to me,” Dean said.

Mayor Mike Duggan said there was a good reason the city focused on rooftops in the first round: “Because we believe that if you secure the outdoors, you have people who can work outside. inside. But if there is water coming through the roof, there is nothing you can do.

Duggan said the program, which will select applicants in part based on how long they’ve owned their homes, is “for people who stayed” in Detroit during tough times. “This is what is happening in the neighborhoods. You probably thought you were overlooked, but you’re not,” Duggan said.

The second phase of the program opens to applicants on Saturday. The 1,000 additional owners chosen during this phase will have the choice between repairing the roof and repairing the windows.

Only elderly or disabled Detroit residents who have taken advantage of the city’s low-income property tax exemption are eligible for the Renew Detroit program. They also must not have received a home improvement grant from the city in the last ten years.

Starting Saturday morning, eligible owners can apply for or by calling 313-244-0274.


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