CARES Act These provisions affect credit, mortgages and 401(k) loans


CARES Act foreclosures are also prohibited for 60 days on March 18, except for vacant or abandoned properties and owners of multifamily properties who were current on payments on federally guaranteed mortgages at the time of this article. . Extensions are possible up to 90 days.

“Borrowers The NAR said tenants with forbearance “cannot evict them or charge late fees” during this time. Many states, including Arizona, have also implemented their own deferrals. expulsion.

Homeowners You could save a lot of money by refinancing mortgages over the next few weeks or months due to lower interest rates. According to An example is provided by Lending Tree, borrowers today could save almost $60 per month – or about $700 per year in payments – for every $100,000 borrowed, compared to a year ago. when interest rates were about a percentage point higher.

However, high loan demand and tighter underwriting standards may delay or derail refinancing for some applicants.

Many borrowers “may need a higher credit score, perhaps a lower debt-to-equity ratio, and a larger down payment,” BankrateCommentary said. patience and shopping to get the best rate.”

A little help with credit scores

Another provision of the CARES Act Consumers who are under pressure to borrow or credit and can work out a new payment arrangement with their lenders or credit card companies may be eligible for leniency.

The Provision Temporarily Amended by the Fair Credit Reporting Act Here is a useful rule for consumers who obtain an “accommodation” or concession from their lender. Assuming the lender agrees to a revised repayment plan and the consumer continues with it. Take Action The company is instructed to report all of the person’s transactions as satisfactory or not. “running.”

“If you experience financial hardship due to the coronavirus outbreak, enter into a hardship clause with the lender, meet the terms and make payments, the credit card company will not provide negative information to agencies. credit reporting”, Sara RathnerNerdWallet credit card expert.


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