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The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

Brandt William Shelton47, Galveston, Texas – unlawful possession of stolen property over $5,000 but under $25,000.

Willie Frank Porter52, 1615 N. Malcolm St. — Domestic Violence Battery.

Hug Tyler Dupuis, 27, 2945 Hardee Road — aggravated felony against nature. Bond: $1 million.

Austin Jamal Jones, 23, 688 Sioux Drive, Moss Bluff – illegal possession of stolen items over $1,000 but less than $5,000; two counts of drug possession; illegal carrying of weapons during the commission of a crime or in the presence of the CDS.

Jeremy Odums, 36, 8510 Gulf Highway—aggravated assault for domestic violence; second degree abduction; possession of a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain crimes.

Victorian Alicea Shawnte, 23, 2222 North Savannah — drug possession; sale, distribution or possession of a legendary drug without a prescription; prohibited acts, drug paraphernalia. Deposit: $6,500.

John Reed Weber, 48, 118 Thicket Road, Sulfur — possession of drugs. Deposit: $35,000.

Brent Allen Touchet, 44, 3149 Davis Road, Westlake — failure to perform work for 45 days or more after receipt of payment; failure to possess the required license for home renovation and resident construction. Deposit: $50,000.

Michel Paul Lacombe52, 301 Arnold St., Sulfur – domestic violence battery.

Canaan John Broussard, 47, 150 Spring St. — false imprisonment of a peace officer; unlawful production, manufacture, distribution or possession of authorized peace officer badges; sale, distribution or possession of a legendary drug without a prescription or prohibited order.

Joline Ann Covert, 26, Longville — obstruction of justice; possession of drugs. Deposit: $7,500.

Samuel Lee Ashworth, 27, 804 Bankens Road, Sulfur — Domestic Violence Battery; resisting an officer with violence; simple criminal damage to property under $1,000; self-harm by a prisoner.

Rhonda Chavanne Abshire, 56, 2445 Salmon Drive – drunk driving, fourth offence; driving in a lane reserved for traffic; ignition interlocks, condition of probation for certain DWI offenders.

Timmy Anthony Collins38, 333 Leo Parker Drive, Ragley — unauthorized entry into inhabited dwelling.

Citizen of Ja’lon Jamal, 23, 700 Henning Drive Apt. 40 years old, sulfur – domestic violence battery, child endangerment.

Christopher Aaron Waters, 37, 1416 Fancher St., Vinton — simple criminal property damage from $1,000 but less than $50,000; theft of $1,000 but less than $5,000; simple burglary.

Gene Allen Constance, 44, 5818 Lisa Lane, Vinton – domestic violence battery, strangulation; drug possession; certain activities concerning smuggling in penitentiary institutions are prohibited.

Ernest Wayne Dugas Sr., 42, 1536 Brick St. Apt. B—domestic violence battery, strangulation; theft under $1,000.

Charles Wayne Dean, 40, 319 Brammer Lane — driver must be licensed; failure to register and report as a sex offender or child predator, first offence.

Edward Dwayne Bates32, 523 Hickok St., Sulfur — domestic violence battery, child endangerment.


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