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Total credit amount Monthly installment Annual cost percentage Variable borrowing rate on an annual basis Duration of the credit agreement in months Total amount to be paid by you
$ 5,000 $ 100, - 7.7% 7.7% 61 $ 6,004
$ 10,000 $ 200, - 5.8% 5.8% 58 $ 11,430.00
$ 15,000 $ 300 4.8% 4.8% 56 $ 16,726.
$ 25,000 $ 500 4.6% 4.6% 56 $ 27,742.
$ 50,000 $ 1000, - 4.6% 4.6% 56 $ 55,483.00

The examples mentioned are based on a revolving credit, where the interest is variable during the term of the loan. Other interest rates, amounts and terms are possible. The corresponding annual cost percentage (APR) depends on your personal (financial) situation and the amount of the loan. The annual cost percentage is an indication of the price of the credit, which reflects all the costs of the credit. The stated interest rate is from 01-12-2018. When you request a quote, you will automatically receive the European Standard Information on Consumer Credit that applies to you.
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You will receive the service you want with continuous credit. With us, every loan application is carefully assessed in order to be able to give you the lowest interest rate.
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There are dozens of revolving credit providers. Continuous Credit is the only true specialist in taking out revolving loans.
Reliable and solid is part of Revolving credit. Borrow a reliable partner in cheap money, registered with the AFM under license number 12020778.

Continuous Take out credit

Do you want to take out a revolving credit? A credit where you can always make extra repayments without penalty? We are the only true specialist. With a revolving credit, you choose a form of borrowing money where you can always pay extra without penalty. In addition, with a revolving credit you always have money in reserve. You may also withdraw what you have repaid up to the credit limit. That is flexible borrowing money.

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Points of attention when taking out a revolving credit

You can of course always redeem a revolving credit whenever you want without penalty, which already gives you more flexibility and freedom. With a revolving credit, there are still things you should pay attention to.

  • Choose the lowest interest rate
  • Ask about interest rate developments in recent months
  • Also look at the total cost of the loan
  • Does the broker have an AFM license?
  • Does it feel good to choose this party?

More about continuous credit facilities is a website of Revolving credit. A company with more than 20 years of experience in loan mediation. In addition to the specialization of a revolving credit, you can also contact us for taking out a personal loan. In addition, with we have a company that specializes in concluding car lease contracts. We have in-house specialists for every component.
There is one clear message when it comes to taking out revolving credit. We always work in the interest of the customer. We provide the lowest interest and the best conditions.

Would you like to know more about taking out a revolving credit?

Would you like to know more before submitting your application? You can contact us by telephone or send us an email during office hours. You can also click here to visit GreenDayOnline for free. Just what you prefer. Important to note, Revolving credit is an independent broker. We are not bound to a company, so we can give you honest and independent advice about borrowing money.

Request quote? Always free of charge and without obligation.

Have you become convinced that applying for revolving credit is the best option for you? Then you can request a quote free of charge and without obligation. Requesting a quotation from continuous credit facilities will cost you nothing and does not commit you to anything.

Taking out continuous credit and the BKR

It may have happened in the past that you have missed a payment on your revolving credit or personal loan. As a result, you may even have incurred a negative BKR registration. Unfortunately, it is then no longer possible to take out a loan via Revolving credit. The banks for which we mediate will not process applications if you have a negative BKR registration.

Would you like to contact us by phone? During office hours you can call us on the telephone number: 845-819-7051

Call: 845-819-7051

Would you like to ask your question by email? Of course you can. You will receive an answer within a few hours.

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